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Phone Responder Application

The application form below may take some time to complete. There is a “save and continue later” link at the bottom of the page so you may finish the application later. You will be emailed a link to return to the form in the future.

After we receive your completed application, we will email you a link and steps to submit information for a background check completed online.

Crisis Phone Responder

  • In the Phone Room

  • More About You

    Due to the nature of crisis phone work, we need to ask some fairly personal questions. These will help you and our staff assess your readiness for crisis phone work. All of the information is kept strictly confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone other than Volunteer Coordinator and the Director. Please be as candid and as complete as possible.

  • Beliefs about Suicide

    Please tell us about your beliefs about suicide and the process of suicide. (The reason for the following questions is to assist in the volunteer training process; volunteers will not be rejected based upon their answers.)

  • Character References

  • Criminal History and Background Check

    Volunteers must be able to pass a criminal history background check prior to beginning volunteer work. Answering yes to the following question will not automatically disqualify you from being accepted as a volunteer.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.