Text or Call

Veteran with PTSD

A male veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) called the hotline agitated and upset because he had been trying to get psychiatric help from the VA hospital. The veteran expressed vague thoughts of harming others but didn’t want help from us and tried to end the call several times. We remained calm, made a good emotional connection with the veteran, and were able to de-escalate him to the point where he agreed to stay safe for the time being. While we kept the vet on the line, the phone room supervisor contacted crisis services at the local VA, and was able to arrange for a warm transfer to the national veteran’s crisis line. The transfer was successful and the call ended with the veteran speaking to the national veteran’s line and agreeing to get help at a local VA. After the call, we successfully followed up with crisis staff at the local VA who coordinated with the national veteran’s line staff to assist the vet in getting help.