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Put your skills and passion to use as a Volunteer Crisis Phone Responder with the Hotline in our Boise office.

Two easy steps…

Step Two

Attend an orientation session and schedule a listening shift in our Boise phone room.

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SPRING 2018 Crisis Phone Responder Information Training SPRING 2018

For scheduling, orientation RSVPs, and other questions, please contact:

Alex McNish, Volunteer Coordinator
208-258-6992, [email protected]


Testimonial from a Volunteer

So many lives have been touched by suicide, including mine. I have long believed that we are given adversity as a teacher, as a path toward empathy, and as a tool. So I didn’t hesitate to sign up as a volunteer for the new Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline.

It was a huge relief to learn that we would be properly trained; that we would have professional supervisors to guide us as needed; and that there would be support on the hotline calls and their after-effects. None of this went undone. I feel cradled by my peers and especially by the Hotline staff.

I have spent a lifetime in public service. I’ve run community right-to-know programs for hazardous materials and developed and run a chemical emergency response team. I also had a long career in environmental education for children. I’ve always known that a life of service was my path. But never in my life have I felt more worthwhile, more valuable, more needed than I do on the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline. We save people’s lives in a very real and very personal sense. Besides being a mom and grandma, it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done.